We pride ourselves as Vespa/Piaggio specialists and work on most models from 1958-present with the exception of Piaggio MP3's and vintage small frames, sorry!
We will also work on 2-stroke PX clones such as the Genuine Stella and Bajaj or anything modern with a Piaggio engine such as Aprilia & Derbi.

We only use factory approved lubricants and parts along with correct factory tooling as required.

Our mobile service call fee is only $50.00* for a certified technician to come to your home saving you hauling fees and repair shop wait times.
Or bring your scooter to our workshop and save the fee.
*Rate may vary depending on your location.

1st service due at 625 miles

Basic service due every 2000 miles OR once a year whichever comes first.

Major service due around 7-10,000 miles depending on wear and operating conditions.

Brake fluid flush / Coolant flush every 2 years.

  • Replace spark plug
  • Change engine oil
  • Clean oil screen/replace oil filter
  • Check rear hub oil level
  • Check/clean air filter
  • Check/adjust front and rear brakes
  • Check tire condition and inflate to correct PSI
  • Check/adjust idle speed
  • Inspect steering alignment
  • Check battery and output
  • Check lights, turnsignals and horn
  • Check/top off coolant on applicable models
  • Road test

$65 plus parts and service call fee*, all models.

Includes all items listed in Basic Service plus the following:-

  • Replace rollers in variator
  • Replace drive belt
  • Change rear hub oil
  • Inspect clutch
  • Inspect oil seals
  • Lube stand and brake levers
  • Road test

$99 plus parts and service call fee*, all models.

  • Replace spark plug
  • Change gear oil
  • Inspect/adjust points gap where applicable
  • Check/adjust brakes
  • Check/adjust gear cables
  • Check/adjust clutch cable
  • Check/adjust idle and mixture settings
  • Check steering alignment
  • Check electrical condition and output
  • Check lights and horn
  • Check tire condition and inflate to correct PSI
  • Road test

$65 plus parts and service call fee*, all vintage Vespa models from 1958-2005 PX includes Genuine Stella. (Sorry, no small frames)

  • Carburetor clean and rebuild $50
  • Brake fluid flush $50
  • Coolant flush $60
  • Front tire replacement $30
  • Rear tire replacement $45
  • Vintage engine rebuild $600
  • Diagnostics, Restorations and all other services billed at hourly rate.
  • Vapor blasting billed at hourly rate or set pricing.

Hourly labor rate is competively priced at $60

*Local mobile service call out fee starts at $50

Note: All listed prices are labor only and do not include parts or state sales tax.

All listed prices are subject to change without notice.